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Pre-registration is required for all classes! Children must be under parent/guardian supervision at all times!

Arts and Crafts Center


The Arts & Crafts Center offers a variety of products and services, all within arm’s reach!

Open to all Soldiers, Families, Retirees and Army Civilians, Arts & Crafts center offer studio space for ceramics, scrapbooking, matting and framing, and pottery. Activities exist for people of all skill levels, and friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to help bring your creative ideas to life. The Arts & Crafts Center offers modern equipment, supplies for purchase and monthly classes in a variety of subjects.

Shop our craft store for a variety of craft supplies. Get your artwork framed at our custom frame shop. Make a farewell or award plaque in our plaque shop. Take a craft class and learn a new skill or hobby. Stop by anytime to paint bisque ceramics, glaze and firing included. Order a balloon bouquet for your loved one.

Express your inner artist at the Arts & Crafts Center!

What we offer:

  • Craft Store
  • Frame Shop
  • Plaque Shop
  • Craft Classes
  • Ceramic Services
  • Balloon Services
  • Skill Development Services
  • Print Services
  • Bisque Painting Parties
  • Pottery Studio
  • Open Studio(coming soon)
  • Resiliency Through Art 
Print Services

Arts and Crafts Center is offering custom design and printing services for all your needs. Let our print experts assist you with creating something fantastic.

We can print in a variety of sizes on different materials:

  • indoor/outdoor banners
  • posters
  • canvas print
Craft Store and Sewing Supplies

Our in house product store offers a large variety of art supplies. Choose from numerous items to do almost any craft, from scrapbooking and painting to knitting and crochet. Sewing supplies, party supplies, and seasonal items. Stop by and get started on your next Do-it-Yourself project.

We offer a wide variety of sewing supplies to set you well on your way for your next quilting or sewing project. 

Balloon Center

We offer a wide variety of foil, latex and bubble balloons available to choose from, or bring your own! Make your next party or event special with adding decorative bouquets of balloons.

Pre-order services are available for pick-up. We request quantities of over 20 balloons be arranged in advance.

We have helium available too!

Frame Shop

We offer custom framing services as well as matting and frames, just ask our staff to help you pick out what works best for your situation.


Photo Kiosk

Bring in your camera card, USB stick, or CD to the Arts & Crafts center and get your photos printed within minutes. Our user friendly kiosk is easy to use, and our friendly staff is here to support. Print sizes range from 4x6 to 8x12.

Ceramic Services

Join us and express your inner artist at the Arts & Crafts Center! We offer a wide selection of bisque ceramics available for you to explore your creativity and make a special momentum you would cherish!

Painting ceramic bisque is easy and does not require skill, just creativity! Great for Families, birthday parties, and little group gatherings.

If it is your first time participating, our friendly staff will show you the ropes and get you on your way.


Enjoy a wide variety of classes with the Arts & Crafts Center. We have skilled, friendly professionals who are glad to help and teach you the ways of the art world.

We offer classes for kids and adults: 

  • Painting and drawing
  • Open Studio
  • Crafting
  • Pottery Painting
  • Pinch Pot

Pre-registration is required for all classes. Sign up at least 24 hours before the class.

Private Events

We offer some of our classes that you can book as private events:

  • Twisted Art
  • Bisque Painting
  • Consult us for more information on what we offer and to set up time/date.


Registration Info

Please contact the Baumholder Arts & Crafts Center to register. Stop by or give us a call. We can take a payment over the phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a cancellation fee for programs?

If a class is cancelled by the Arts and Crafts Center, customers will be given the opportunity to enroll in another class or have their fee returned to them.  Otherwise, classes may be refunded if the customer provides 48 hours advance notice prior to the class. 

2. What classes/programs/services do you offer?

The Arts and Craft Center offers many classes, programs and services.  This list is not all inclusive:


  • All Occasion Balloons
  • Photo KIOSK
  • Longarm Quilting Services
  • Sewing Machine Rental
  • Custom Banner Printing
  • Specialized Resale Craft Store
  • Batting and Backings
  • Framing
  • Plaques
  • Engraving Services


  • Sewing
  • Pottery
  • Make ‘N Takes
  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Scrapbooking

3. Is there an age restriction?

There are age restrictions depending on the class or services but the Arts and Crafts Center has something for all ages.  Contact the Arts and Crafts Center for more information.

4. May I have my artwork shipped to me?

The Arts and Crafts Center does not ship artwork.  If a customer has artwork which needs to go to the U.S., it is best to send it via household goods if possible.  If it is a gift, the customer is responsible for shipping artwork to the U.S.

5. What forms of payment are accepted?

The Arts and Crafts Center accepts Cash, Credit and Debit Cards.  Foreign Currency is not accepted.

6. What is the earliest/latest you may sign up for a program?

Depending on the program, customers may be required to sign up at least one to two weeks in advance.  It is always best to call the Arts and Crafts Center for more information.  

7. How can you become a contracted instructor?

Becoming a contracted instructor is greatly encouraged.  There are however specific forms, insurances and processes that must be completed in advance.  The first step is to contact the Arts and Crafts Center for more information.

8. How long does pottery take to be fired and glazed?

There are many variables to consider when it comes to the glaze firing program.  The project must be dry prior to firing to prevent damage to the project and kiln.  Projects made in pottery classes can take up to two weeks to dry whereas a bisque mold may only take a day or two.   It also depends on how many projects are waiting to be fired.  It is always best to give projects a one week period but the Arts and Crafts staff can tell you more at the time of your request. 

9. How much do classes/programs/services cost?

Classes vary in cost depending on their materials.  It is always best to contact the Arts and Craft Center to get the details.

10. How do you volunteer to teach classes?

Volunteering is easy.  Simply provide all the details to the Arts and Crafts Center and they will do the rest.  It is best to plan at least three months in advance in order to properly coordinate and market the class(es).

11. Do you have quilting equipment available for customer use?

The Arts and Crafts Center has a Longarm Quilting Machine but it is not available for customer use.  Only trained and certified personnel are authorized to use the machine.

12. Do you offer custom framing?

Custom Framing is a large part of the Arts and Crafts Program.  Customer can bring in their artwork or project and receive assistance from highly trained staff.  The Arts and Crafts Frame Shop has a large variety of Frames and Mats to choose from. 

13. What type of art supplies do you sell? Can you order certain items if they are not available in the store?

The Arts and Crafts Center Store is sure to meet your art and craft needs.  You will find supplies from painting, sewing, clay to cake decoration, party supplies and more! The Arts and Crafts Center is dedicated to meeting customer needs and is happy to special order products if possible.  

14. Do you make banners?

The Arts and Craft Center has banner printing services available. The banners come with mounting grommets included in the price.  Prices for the banners vary depending on the size and color of the graphics. Indoor and outdoor banners minimum 2 weeks time on orders. Image must be on an external hard drive or USB stick (or CD/DVD), and wording must be provided (if desired) - email us:

15. Do you have a delivery option for your balloon services?

Balloon delivery services are only available on Valentine’s Day.  Customers may however, pre-order balloons to be picked up at a specified date and time.  Because balloon orders must be paid for in advance, it is always possible to have a designated person pick them up if needed.  

More Arts & Crafts


Open Studio-Arts & Crafts

Wednesdays from 3-4:30 p.m.

May 22 3 pm - 4:30 pm

Craft Class-Arts & Crafts

Tuesdays at 10 a.m.

May 28 10 am - 11 am

Prost, Prose & Paint

Evenings of sip and paint with a twist of literature.

Jul 18 6 pm - 8 pm

Prost, Prose & Paint

Evenings of sip and paint with a twist of literature.

Jul 18 6 pm - 8 pm